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The Castle of Dalhem .... an adventure, just like a dream!

In Dalhem, on the edge of the Herve region, there is a beautiful and very special house. It was built between 1912 and 1914 and got several names: Château Francotte, Maison de la Charité, and has now become the Château de Dalhem (Castle of Dalhem)

More than just a castle, it is a whole domain that should be better mentioned. It is located in the province of Liège, in the city of Dalhem, former capital of the powerful medieval county of the same name, and a stone's throw from Visé, a town along the Meuse between Liège and Maastricht. This rich area has always been involved in commercial and cultural exchanges, at the crossroads of Roman and river routes.

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The castle is now the property of the decanal works of Visé and is managed independently by an association aiming to preserve this local heritage, while providing the region with a social meeting place. Our association develops all sorts of activities that you will discover on this website and on our facebook page.

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