A nice surprise for the Château de Dalhem!

We were pleased and surprised to receive three portraits of the Francotte family. They now nicely decorate the walls of the living room and where else would they have been better displayed?
Thank you for this gift to the great granddaughter of the founders of the castle, Brigitte Ernst de la Graete!

Heritage Day on 1 May 2022!

Yes, the Château de Dalhem is also a castle...

It was a great success, you came in great numbers and spent a lot of time there! It must be said that the sun was also present to highlight the building and its idyllic environment!


Red Devils belgian football team at the Castle of Dalhem

Season is starting again at the Castle of Dalhem, making its park available for a rather ... special organisation!

Belgium's Euro 2020 matches are displayed on wide screen in one of the castle's meadows. Although the weather can be wet and the ground a bit slippery, fans are not discouraged.

For more information, look at facebook site.

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Walking rally: more ...

Do you remember? there was also a competition, with questions that were not as simple as they seemed.

Régine Demonceau and Corine Joskin won the prize for the two distances respectively and each took home a voucher for 200 euros to be used on a future rental at the Château.

A big "thank you" from the whole team and congratulations to the lucky winners!


Dalhem Castle team together for a salute
At the end of the day: busy, but happy

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Our walking rally on 6 June: a huge success

We were a bit worried about the weather in the morning, but it got better as time went on and the day ended (late) with a reassuring sunshine.

We were delighted by the impressive number of participants, over 400 adults registered, and children to boot!

We can say that satisfaction dominated the day, both among the participants and the organisation team! This rally-event went perfectly, in the best sanitary conditions: a "real" recovery after a long year of social frustration.

Thank you all for your cheerful participation!

Your association.

We would like to thank the City of Dalhem for making its equipment available to us for this activity.